(COVID-19) Policy


Coronavirus COVID-19 Policy – our commitment to you…

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our time is unprecedented and as we come through this and understand more about it we intend being future ready when it comes to dealing with the way we look after our clients to the best of our ability. We are doing everything to make the environment in which passengers travel as safe as humanly possible. We will put in measures for maximum safety and make our vehicles a safer place to travel in and assurance to our clients we are doing the best we can. Until there is a proper universal track and trace app that gives us the assurance people have the green light, we will do the following.

Cleanliness Inside of Vehicles

Essential personal hygiene has never been more important to lower the chance of passing on Coronavirus. We are in an Industry where we encounter many people, throughout the day, who travel. It is down to us to help by using an alcohol cleaner on door handles, arm rests and backs of seats, where the passengers sit, and of course the driver’s section. We follow the government guidelines and would hope that common sense prevails by washing hands as much as possible throughout the day and avoid shaking hands.

Our Chauffeurs wear a Facemask and Hand Sanitizer Gel is provided as an extra precaution.

Communication and Client Prerogative

We take pre-bookings and client contact is not a problem, where it’s done mostly via email or SMS messages. You will be notified by email and SMS message asking you NOT to travel if you have symptoms or to let your chauffeur know ASAP. And please note we have a cancellation policy of a 50% charge if less than 24-hour notice is given. We won’t be taking any risks and will notify you if our chauffeurs show any symptoms themselves prior to any work.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) We adhere strictly to Government guidlines and apply strict Cleaning and Disinfection inside our vehicles prior to every journey. Our Chauffeurs wear a Facemask and Hand Sanitizer Gel is provided.